technical staffing


These individuals possess unique skillsets, qualifications, or other attributes that render them a rare commodity.

These technicians display a complete mastery of their field. Their skills, foresight, and creativity go above and beyond the call of duty.

These technicians are experienced and well trained in their field. They are confident in what they do know and aware of what they do not know. For this reason, level 2 techs are best utilized in situations where leadership is provided by a show lead or level 1 tech.

These technicians are the foundation of a solid crew. They possess an understanding of event audio, video, and lighting technologies as well as a desire to learn and advance their skills.

(PM) – Project Manager

  • Working knowledge of the sales process
  • Ability to coordinate with end client on behalf of the company
  • Functional knowledge of the technical design

(TD) – Technical Director

  • Possesses skillset of A1, L1, and V1.
  • Ability to plan, set, and execute every element of the production
  • Direct leadership for the technical team

(Spec.) Specialist Tech

  • Unique skillset or qualification
  • High-profile or in-demand individual
  • Specifically requested by client

(A1) – Audio Lead

  • Mastery of virtual event audio distribution and audio for broadcast
  • General Session experience
  • End-client interaction skills
  • Digital console proficiency
  • Line array w/ delays
  • System design
  • Acoustic theory

(V1) – Video Lead

  • Mastery of virtual event video production and online broadcast
  • General Session experience
  • End-client interaction skills
  • Projection (10K++ lumens, blending, converging, mapping)
  • Switching (Analog Way, Barco, Pana.)
  • Graphics Op (PowerPoint heavy, imbedding videos, providing lower thirds)
  • Strong event and media related IT skills

(L1) – Lighting Lead

  • Mastery of lighting techniques for studio and mobile video production
  • General Session experience
  • Programming scenes on intelligent lighting consoles (Hog, GrandMA, ETC)
  • Set Design w/ electrical math

(AV1) – Audio Video

  • Combined core skillset of A1 and V1

(S1) Scenic Lead

  • Possess strong carpentry skills/experience
  • Understanding of layers, swags, and drape lines
  • Proficient with all power and hand tools
  • Building pillow walls, large screens (larger than 21’ wide)
  • Understanding of atmospheric effects like haze

(ME) – Master Electrician

  • Understanding of CAD drawings
  • Deploy proper power distribution for General Session
  • Understand strain relief methods of cabling.
  • Certified electrician

(Cam) – Camera Operator

  • General Session experience
  • Large-venue cameras
  • Taking camera calls from TD -Color correction / shading
  • Hand-held experience

(A2) – Audio Assist

  • Understanding of virtual event audio distribution and audio for broadcast
  • Analog console proficiency
  • Wireless RF management
  • Digital/Split snake comprehension
  • Recording
  • Mic’ing up presenters

(V2) – Video Assist

  • Understanding of virtual event video production and online broadcast
  • Proficient in all signal flow types (SDI, HDSDI, Cat6, DVI)
  • Basic knowledge of setting switchers, projectors, and cameras.
  • Setup of recording hardware
  • Understanding of image resolutions
  • Use of event and media related IT tools

(L2) – Lighting Assist

  • understanding of lighting techniques for studio and mobile video production
  • Understands DMX signal flow
  • Dimming systems proficiency
  • Addressing of lighting fixtures
  • Wireless DMX
  • Focus conventional stage wash

(GAVOP) – General Audio Video Operator

  • Combined core skillet of A2 and V2
  • Breakout room management

(GAV) – General Audio Video

  • General audio, video, lighting skills
  • Wrapping/taping cable
  • Set/strike, truss build
  • Unloading/loading Truck
  • Backbone of crew

(DR) – Driver

  • DOT certified and trained
  • Mastery of truck loading and unloading techniques
  • Advanced usage of GPS systems for large truck accessibility
  • Required 2 years’ experience prior to joining roster

(WH) – Warehouse

  • Understanding of audiovisual, lighting, staging, and electrical equipment
  • Diagnosing equipment issues and completing minor repairs
  • Ability to transition warehouse skills between multiple warehouse styles
  • Additional warehouse equipment and safety certifications available


Our Technicians provide an expansive wealth of knowledge and expertise, including but not limited to the following.

  • ACT lighting’s GrandMA2
  • Aerial Work Platform Operator Safety Training IATSE Local 22
  • Areal Work Platform Operator
  • AVIXA – Recognized AV Technologist
  • Barco Event Master Specialist
  • Barco Specialist – F70/F80/F90 series
  • Barco Specialist – HDX – Operation and Application
  • Barco Specialist – HDX/HDF/HDF LP/HDQ
  • Barco Specialist – UDX & HDX 4K-series
  • Biamp Tesira Forte
  • Brainbox Foundation – Video Fundamentals
  • Certifed Installer: Bronze Level
  • Certified SMAART Operator
  • CM-ET Chain Hoist Repair
  • CompTIA Security+
  • Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences Master Recording Program
  • DANTE level I & II
  • DANTE Level I & II
  • Digital Sound Reinforcement
  • ETC Family Training at NYFC
  • ETCP Areana Rigging certification
  • ETCP theatrical
  • Extron Contril Professional
  • Final Cut Pro Ver. 7
  • Full Sail University Alumni
  • HES HOG4
  • IATSE Theater & Entertainment Technology Certification
  • IATSE TTF General Entertainment Safety
  • IVES Lift Operator (Scissor and Boom)
  • JVC HM600 Field Camera and Accessories Fairfax Public Access
  • Level 1 Basic Audio/Visual
  • Lift Truck Operator Safety Training IATSE Local 22
  • LiveCore – Analog Way
  • OSHA 10 safety certification
  • OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety and Health
  • OSHA 30
  • Pandora’s Box 1st Grade
  • Pandora’s Box 2nd Grade
  • Pandora’s Box Basic Training
  • Pandora’s Widget 1st Grade
  • Pandora’s Widget 2nd Grade
  • Pro Tools
  • Production Assistant
  • SPRAT Level I Rope Access Technician
  • Spyder X20 Christie Digital Systems USA
  • Sure Micro Flex
  • Technicial Directing Fairfax Public Access
  • Vertige – Analog Way
  • Waves certification
  • Yamaha CL5
  • Yamaha M7CL Certified
  • Yamaha PM5D Certified
  • Yamaha QL5