Here you will find all the information you need to succeed as a tech for our company.

Interested in pursuing an exciting career path in audiovisual technology?

We are always accepting qualified and professional Audio/Visual technicians.

What we are looking for:

– Industry experience of audio, lighting, and/or video systems.

– Professional appearance and demeanor. 

– Strong reliability.

– Punctuality and the ability to adapt to changes.

– Upholding a positive attitude at all times.

– Team players that work well in unison.

If you possess these attributes, we can provide you with regular work and industry competitive pay.

Please submit your resume below and once reviewed, a staff member will reach out to you. Until then, you may find more information on working with Event & Media Technologies on the “Technician Information” section below.

Thank you for your interest.

    As a technician for Event & Media Technologies you will be expected to perform with industry leading skill and ethic. We work tirelessly to provide our technicians with every advantage for success, which makes it critical for you to be well informed on our procedures and policies. Below you will find an attachment which includes all of the documents necessary to work with Event & Media Technologies.

    Technician Welcome Packet

    Please review this information in its entirety to ensure you understand how our system operates. Upon completing your interview you will be eligible to accept work with Event & Media Technologies. For any further questions please feel free to reach out to our staff via email.

    Team Member Testimonials

    “As a Technician and IT Specialist who took on the world of Audio Visual Engineering a few years ago, I am proud to say that Event & Media Technologies has been a great company to work with. The staff and their organization is one of the best and I recommend them to anyone who may want to join the team or hire for any of your A/V needs in the future.”

    Ned Pole

    Orlando, FL

    “I can truly say that working with EMT has been a very positive outlet and input on my career life. The flexibility coupled with such an ever changing and challenging field of work is just awesome. It was a colleague from another av company who told me about three years ago that I should check out working for EMT and what he stated he was making a month was phenomenal. He was not kidding. Now I experience such a high level of personal fulfillment upon completion of each gig. It feels as if it was for my own personal client. I can’t wait to retire in two years and put more full-time effort towards this venue.”

    Everton Anderson

    Washington, DC

    “I really enjoy working with EMT. I think the app is awesome and it lets me see my schedule and jobs I have signed up for. Most of the other companies I freelance for don’t have this feature and rely on a more archaic system. I have also met some really great techs on the shows I have worked. Everyone is really knowledgeable and friendly. Payment is fast and on time.”

    Theodosisos Paraskevas

    Washington, DC

    “This is a very well maintained and respectful company. Since working here, I have appreciated all the opportunity and hospitality from my co-workers and managers. When I get to work everything is clear and they are always ready to help and assist with any questions or concerns. Also, when it comes to communication via email or phone the company is very prompt on returning your call or email and I’m very appreciative of that. The company is GREAT!!! Great staff!”

    Stacey Hill

    Washington, DC

    “EMT has always been easy to work with and for. The app system they use to get us work is one of the easiest in the business to learn. EMT has always sent other techs who are just as qualified as the rest of the team. Most importantly EMT billing is done accurately and correctly every time.”

    Tammi Jo

    Dallas, TX

    “It always gives me great pleasure to work side by side with DFW’s Event Media and their entire audio-visual techs!!”

    AJ Torres

    Dallas, TX

    “EMT is an ideal labor company to work with. Their clients are generally top tier production companies that demand experienced technical professionals to augment their staff; no “Mickey Mouse” operators or Fuster Klux Productions on their client list. Scheduling is smooth & seamless. Pay is reasonable and on time. They have a great system.”

    Mark Wagner

    Dallas, TX

    “Just wanna say y’all are a great company come in clutch when I need a few more days under my belt every month. I enjoy having event media tech and Dustin as one of my go 2 company’s!”

    Winston Fincham

    Orlando, FL

    “I work for several different companies as a freelance AV Tech. Working for EMT is my favorite of all the companies because of the competitive pay and the people who I work with seem to be a better class of employees compared to the other companies. Also, my wife and I work together, and you can’t find a better team than us. EMT has recognized that and keeps us working together. Thanks, EMT!”

    Stephen Long

    Dallas, TX

    “My name is Anthony Ramirez, and working with EMT has been nothing but a pleasure! I’ve worked with them during many events in the past year and we have a phenomenal team! Fast, friendly, and efficient! And most importantly, EMT pays very well, and on time, every time! I hope to continue employment for many more years to come!”

    Anthony Ramirez

    Orlando, FL

    “EMT is on top of it. They are very well organized, staffed with lots of team players and knowledgeable contractors. I have found that EMT provides excellence to its clients as well as its contractors. Whatever it is that the client needs, we have the right people for the job.”

    Gretchen Wilson

    Dallas, TX

    “These past few years working with Event & Media Technologies have been most memorable and exciting. Their methods of staffing and kindness, along with WIW app have helped a great deal in the evolution and triumphs of my AV career. Looking forward to many more!”

    Zachary Smith

    Washington, DC

    “Wonderful company to work with. Everyone knows what they’re doing and everything gets handled quickly and efficiently.”

    Lucas Piquerez

    Orlando, FL

    “Ever since my hiring interview, the staff at EMT has treated me with the utmost respect and has appreciated my skills. I’ve had the opportunity to work at important events which have broadened my work experience. Working for EMT has also allowed me to create friendships with my colleagues which make going to work even more enjoyable. I’m very grateful to work for such a wonderful company.”

    Miroslav Danchev

    Washington, DC