Schedule Management

When you select Event & Media Technologies as your provider for corporate av labor you may think all you’re getting is top-notch technicians at a great price. What sets us apart from our peers in the industry is our mastery of complex schedule management under extreme volume and critical time frames.

Technical Expertise

We take great pride in developing industry leading technical rosters to provide you with the best corporate av labor wherever you need them. Whether you require a crew of corporate av  specialists, corporate av technicians, event engineering and design specialist, or electrical and structural expertise, we have the ideal candidate for your position.

Industry Leading Support

The corporate events industry truly is a 24/7 business, with critical schedule adaptations and challenging deadlines. We provide around the clock nationwide support to ensure that these obstacles become opportunities to impress your audience.

“Everyone that came out to help with the event did a fantastic job. Everyone was on point, took direction, and did everything correctly. I really appreciate the solid crew and not having to do double work! Please give everyone my thanks again and I look forward to working with you all again in the future.”

Chris Hofer

National Project Manager, SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals

“Thank you for sending me Luis today for my event. Our client was very happy with him, and he really took care of her.”

Alberto Flores

Director of Event Technology, PSAV

“You all did a wonderful job, what a great crew!! Love EventMediaTech!”

Colleen Foley Walsh

Senior Event Designer, Ridgewells Catering

“Daniel was great, he saved the show from a video standpoint. We’d love to have him back when the opportunity arises. Thanks!”

Matthew Rewis

Director of Event Technology, PSAV

“Gentlemen, First, Let me just say the past couple of events have been flawless. Every member from your team has been very professional.”

Uriah Moskal

Director, True Technology

“First off, I would like to thank you both for killing it on the Labor calls! This weekend would’ve been a disaster if not for your hard work and quick response. My labor pool was tapped out and quite frankly, the calls were so last minute, I already had too much on my plate to schedule them myself. Thank you again!”

David Ewing

Manager of Event Technologies, Encore Event Technologies

“Utilizing Event & Media Technologies has been an enormous convenience for me and my team. They provide us a one-stop-shop for our auxiliary labor needs with an unrivaled dedication to their quality of service. We find great comfort in knowing EventMediaTech is available for us 24 hours a day, every day of the year, without fail. It seems with other providers we are often working around THEIR schedules, where Event & Media Technologies caters to ours.”

Steve Smith

Director of Event Technologies, Encore Event Technologies, Omni Shoreham

“Just wanted to let you know that the A*** show went perfectly. Per our main client, Jamil and Steve were instrumental to the events success. Their technical prowess and excellent customer services skills were top notch. Per our client ‘A*** would be lucky to have them next year.'”

James Campbell

Operations Manager, PSAV

“Thanks so much for your help at the last minute!!”

Jackie Pickett

Director of Event Technology, PSAV

“I wanted to forward along the kind words for the closed captioning providers with N***. I also wanted to add that Ian and Sereness did an excellent job with our clients. Our main client was not on-site because of surgery and her assistants were scrambling to keep the event running. Ian and Sereness handled them perfectly and I felt confident with them as I was pulled away to multiple meetings managing the following event. Please thank them for me.”

Joshua Steffen

Sr. Project Manager, PSAV

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