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Here you will find all the information you need to succeed as a tech for our company.


Employment Opportunities

Interested in pursuing an exciting career path in audiovisual technology?

We are always excepting qualified and professional Audio/Visual technicians.

What we are looking for:

– Industry experience of audio, lighting, and/or video systems.

– Professional appearance and demeanor. 

– Strong reliability.

– Punctuality and the ability to adapt to changes.

– Upholding a positive attitude at all times.

– Team players that work well in unison.

If you possess these attributes, we can provide you with regular work and industry competitive pay.

Please submit your resume below and once reviewed, a staff member will reach out to you. Until then, you may find more information on working with Event & Media Technologies on the “Technician Information” section below.
Thank you for your interest.

Technician Information

As a technician for Event & Media Technologies you will be expected to perform with industry leading skill and ethic. We work tirelessly to provide our technicians with every advantage for success, which makes it critical for you to be well informed on our procedures and policies. Below you will find an attachment which contain all of the documents necessary to work with Event & Media Technologies, contents include:

Welcome to EventMediaTech (download form)

Page 1 – Table of Contents
Page 2 – Terms & Conditions
Page 3 – Dress Codes
Page 4 – Appearance & Grooming
Page 5 – Invoicing Structure
Page 6 – Sample Invoice
Page 7 – When I Work for IOS
Page 19 – When I Work for Android

Please review this information in its entirety to ensure you understand how our system operates. Upon completing your interview you will be eligible to accept work with Event & Media Technologies. For any further question please feel free to reach out to our staff via email.

Technician Billing

*For Event & Media Technologies Technicians Only*

Please complete the form below, attach your invoice, and click submit. Event & Media Technologies’

It is important that all necessary information be provided on your invoice, for this reason we ask that you utilize our Invoice Template, available for download below. In order for your invoice to be processed we must have a completed W9 on file for you, a blank W9 form is available below.

Invoice Template         Blank W9