Promotional Filming begins!

Over the weekend, Event & Media Tech and Glass River Media teamed up to begin the filming process for several production videos.  The series will cover a broad range of services, team members and operational procedures that make Event & Media Tech the family and business it has become! The filming was a fun team building experience, that many of the full time staff got to participate in.

Glass River Media took tremendous stress off the afternoon. There was normal business to attend to coinciding with the filming and they understood that completely. They have great artistic vision and can present ideas in an easily digestible manner. We are tremendously excited to continue gathering footage and focusing the script!




FreeSpeak II-Base-II has landed!

We are excited to welcome the addition of the Clearcom FreespeakII  wireless communications system to our rental inventory.

With routing and configuration of up to 25 belt packs and the industry’s most stable platform, it will bring coordination confidence to your event. In this industry, fast reliable communication is one of the safest places to hold investment. Communication between audio, lighting, video, technical directors, the talent and the client all happens at the speed of show.

We will also begin offering training on wireless coordination and the opportunity to “Call Shows” and cultivate technical directors from those who have already mastered several fields.  Let us know @ Contact us if you are interested!






Habitual weather @ annual concert series

I would guess we are not the only company drying out this Monday morning!  Thanks to the quick action of our team this weekend, our equipment sustained only minor weather exposure. This week the warehouse will be hard at work cleaning, testing and restoring all equipment for the next event!





Congrats To Our Featured Technician: Josh Young

Our featured technician, Josh Young, has been killing the game in a serious way! After only a year and some change, he immersed himself heavily into the video realm of production. Being in the driver seat, managing graphics is where Mr. Young finds himself most comfortable. His robust technical skill set, coupled with his superb client-facing personality, makes him a very popular Graphics Operator for some of the largest productions our nation’s capital has to offer. In fact, NASA was in town a few weeks ago at the Omni Shoreham Hotel and Josh got to shake hands with Elon Musk!

Being punctual, professional, and polite are just a few of the qualities that shine through Josh’s work. Any crew would be lucky to have him!

We’re always looking for hardworking, professional, and personable A/V technicians to add to our roster. Please visit our Technician Portal for more information on how to become a part of our team!

Concert Lighting: Programming in action!

Over the weekend, our own Tim Browne enjoyed setting up a concert style lighting rig to work on his Hedgehog 4 Training.  Partially in preparation for a summer concert series he will be programming, hosted at the Dupont amphitheater. The rig will boast (8) Chauvet Rogue R2 Spots, (16) Ovation 910fc and (36) Chauvet Hex 7, (links below) so come see him in action!






We will continue to be a great resource for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in the audio-visual industry. Please check out our rental inventory @ https://eventmediatech.com/equipment-rental/ and let us know what training could take you to the next level! Comment below to receive top priority!

Summer Renovation: Hard Hat Zone!

Eventmediatech is no stranger to moving, building and when necessary, demolition! With hard work from the team, we managed to demo and remove over 7000lbs of interior construction materials just a few days. The renovation is being focused on organization and efficiency in partnership with our new Bar Code Scanning system. These new processes will allow us real-time inventory management and faster response time to inquiries.

Check out the Team in action!


Our new warehouse/office location is still located just 30 minutes south of DC in Woodbridge, Virginia. For those that visited us in our old location, you can find us just across the street! If you happened to  knock on the old door, you would be greeted by our friends at Glass River Media! We enjoy a fantastic working relationship and are proud to call them friends and neighbors! You can find their work at http://www.glassrivermedia.com/video

Updates to the finished warehouse & offices to follow in the coming weeks!


Congrats To Our Featured Technician: Zach Smith

A special congratulations to our Featured Technician, Zach Smith. Working hard, staying positive, and finishing the job with a smile are just a few of the traits that make Zach the sought-after technician he is today. The A/V freelance industry was somewhat new to Zach a couple years ago, but he wasted no time immersing himself and gaining all the knowledge he could possibly get his hands on. He continues to attend our Tech Advancement Program (T.A.P.) sessions and his repertoire is constantly growing. Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Zach!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Event & Media Technologies freelance roster, please visit our Technician Portal and submit your resume directly through our website! We’re always looking for motivated and professional team members and we hope to hear from you soon!


Summer TAP Classes; always improving!

Summer TAP classes are in full swing. We have multiple class types happening with different class sizes.

As the backbone of any great event, the GAV tech is always hard at work and rarely has time to increase skill levels, on-site. For the techs that are looking to take the next step in their careers, we offer GAV-GAVOP training. This will give them the confidence to run a small event themselves, and a basis in which to ascend to a lead tech.

For our lead techs, we offer specialized training, and cross discipline training. These techs may be a V1 and need to learn a specific switcher. These gear specific trainings are always 1 on 1, and taught by industry experts. Pictured is Ryan Leonardo learning the High End Systems, Hedge Hog 4.

Visit High End Systems website below for more info.


Check in to find out more!

Correnti Independence Day Festival Huge Success!

Every year, before the smell of sparklers and hot dogs hit the air, EventMediaTech begins to plan an annual team favorite. The Correnti Independence Day Festival. This celebration of family, independence, and music is provided each year by the Generosity of the Correnti Family. Local food and wine vendors like Pittsburgh Ricks https://www.facebook.com/pittsburghricks/ and Parallel Wine & Whiskey Bar https://www.facebook.com/parallelwine1/ provided the amazing food and drink. Our task fell to providing electrical distribution & stage lighting for several musical acts.


This year, the show needed to be planned with power consumption in mind so an entirely LED lighting rig was created. (36) Chauvet COLORdash Par Hex-7’s provided a solid color changing backwash.  Our Lighting designer also created side stage lighting trees with a “DNA” spiraling look to cover both the band and audience.

While our new Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot movers bolstered the excitement and crowd interaction, (8) Ovation E-910FC Lekos washed the tree line to accent the natural wooded backdrop.

The party boasts three musical acts, luxury restroom trailers, moon bounces and enough fireworks to draw a crowd of 800+ guests.  We were once again excited to spend a wonderful and exciting weekend in Leesburg!

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Providing Technical Direction for the 2017 National Spelling Bee!

We’re Live! Be sure to log onto www.ESPN.com to catch the live coverage of the 2017 National Spelling Bee – hosted at the Gaylord National Harbor! Take a look at our Technical Director, JP Melville, calling the shots on the big screen!

We are honored to be part of such an enriching event for our Nation’s youth.