July Technician Spotlight: Travis Morton

It’s time again readers! Let’s recognize and spotlight a fantastic technician and friend: Travis Morton for his contributions to Event & Media Technologies. Some “spotlights” we concentrate on personability and attitude. Others on technical skill. Still others from a particularly positive comment or review from a client. This month we are lucky enough to talk about all the above!

Travis has advanced through many of the positions on our roster and is entrusted to our most particular clients. He demonstrates the ability to adapt to last minute changes and handles strenuous situations with grace. His reputation for a positive and proactive attitude is exactly what we have come to enjoy most about him and it’s undeniably infectious to any crew.

Benjamin Campbell, our National Staffing Manager had this to say about him: Travis has transformed into a crucial piece of our team. His attention to detail, positive attitude and willingness to learn has set him apart. This package has evolved into him being requested on every show! Travis is the tech you want on every crew”

 Show run or last minute emergency. A1 or GAV (when asked nicely).  Travis is your man and ours! I was able to catch up with Travis and gather some of his thoughts below.

Mr. Morton, thanks for taking the time! Throughout your many roles in the event industry, which one has been your favorite, why, and what role might you hope to fill someday?

“Boom operator for the film Johnny Z, hands down has been my favorite roll so far. Working on a film set is way more challenging then I could of imagined but such a team effort. I would like to see myself in more project management and of course more film sets.”

As a lead audio engineer and crew chief, what expectations do you have for technicians under your supervision? How could you help someone be better prepared?

“Having a good attitude is most important. My worse days are always days I come in with a negative attitude. Also, SNACKS…keep snacks in your backpack.”

If you could have one super power that relates to the Audio Visual field, what would your power be and why?

“Telekinesis! The ability to move heavy objects with my mind would be super helpful.”


May Technician Spotlight: Samuel Oguntayo

EventMediaTech is proud to spotlight a team member who needs little introduction.  Those familiar with Sam know it’s a great relief against any scary load-in, to see him riding up to the dock on his motorcycle. A quick study, his advancement through our position list has been notably impressive. Often promoted externally by the demand of our clients who recognize his unique talent.

His wealth of industry knowledge is however, undeinably shadowed by his exemplary customer service skills. A willingness to volunteer, push the heavy case and stay until the job’s done set him apart.

“He has been extremely integral with the success of our room setups…He cares about doing a great job and is always flexible and steps in wherever he is needed.  He is an extremely hard worker and we have full confidence in whatever task we assign him with.” –  Marriott Marquis

Quotes like this are routine for him, yet compliments are rare in this industry. To find out how he does it, he has allotted us some of his valuable time to answer some questions we had about his success:

Sam, would you mind giving us an opening statement about the industry and why you are drawn to it?

“I love working in a technical field. At the end of the day I know I’ve accomplished something when the show runs smoothly. Pushing papers all day you go home not knowing you’ve done anything. I get to work with great people and I’ve never gone a day without learning something new. I’m excited for the future and what it may bring.”

Can you share with us a quick industry experience? How did you overcome a challenge and how can we help another do the same?

“Audio defaults to HDMI!! If you’re using a HDMI cable to send video make sure you change the settings for sound output to speakers. Learned that the hard way. Other than that YouTube is your friend. It’s difficult to learn when you don’t have access to the equipment everyday. So the best way I have found to learn is go to YouTube and watch several videos on the same subject. Take notes. Then when there is down time on a gig I try and practice what I learned online. Still have a long way to go. And as I build up my own inventory it has become easier. But this was how I started.”

Favorite food and best restaurant to find it?

“The nacho locos at Tryst in Adams Morgan are fire! Can’t be beat.”

Thanks for reading and GO CAPS 


Andrew Abell – Featured Technician!

Congratulations to our Featured Tech, Andrew Abell! Andrew has been a very busy man during the winter months, taking 4 of our lead video T.A.P (Tech Advancement Program) sessions:
-GFX/image processing
-Video recording
-Introduction to our new AK-HC3800 Camera rig!
 Andrew’s thirst for knowledge is paired with a keen sense for customer service, allowing him to quickly become a popular technician throughout the DMV. Video has always been his strong-suit but Andrew is well-versed in the lighting and audio realms as well. He continues to sign up for all the TAP Sessions we have to offer, and we couldn’t be happier with his growth!
 “Camera Shading”
If you are interested in expanding your skill-set through our FREE T.A.P. Sessions, please visit our Technician Portal and contact us with the tag line: TAP Training and express what fields you’re looking to improve in. 2018 is gearing up to be a busy year and we’re excited to get going!

Support for ACTSPWC @ Water’s End Brewery

On this cheerful mid-holiday Sunday, local artists and beer enthusiasts alike gathered at Woodbridge, VA local brewery, Water’s End. The amazing (and thirsty) crowd generously participated in give-aways, raffles and substantial cash donations, all made in support of the ambitious Action in Community Through Service Charity Foundation.  Event & Media Technologies was humbled to offer sponsorship towards local issues concerning housing, emergency assistance, sexual assault, domestic violence and suicide prevention. We can all continue to back this pivitol foundation by visiting and donating to ACTSPWC.ORG

None of this of course, would have been possible without the compassion of one local man, Travis Morton! As a well known audiovisual technician, Travis needs no introduction.  As an emerging art and social issue spokesman, this is just the start!  We applaud his community service and agree locally distilled beer and art will always draw a crowd!


Advanced TAP Classes in Session!


Winter TAP (Tech Advancement Program) sessions have started, and the team jumped right in with an advanced Projection class! These classes are designed to propel eager-to-learn technicians forward into greater roles of responsibility and knowledge. Today’s (8) hour course covered everything from Max Resolution & Refresh Rate to Converging and Blending.  With hands on learning employing use of Eventmediatech’s  Barco RLM-W14’s and real-world scenarios, we take a practical and fun approach to learning projection. Check out the video below!

Edge Blending!

Remember, these classes are held FREE OF CHARGE! With lunch provided! The reason? We know that by bringing techs up, we all benefit. We encourage those who posses a solid foundation in one or more fields to Contact Us and request a spot on our exclusive training courses. Due to the high volume of inquires already, we will be steadily hosting classes ranging from Audio Theory & Digital Consoles to Lighting Control & Programming throughout the Winter and into the spring.


Promotional Filming begins!

Over the weekend, Event & Media Tech and Glass River Media teamed up to begin the filming process for several production videos.  The series will cover a broad range of services, team members and operational procedures that make Event & Media Tech the family and business it has become! The filming was a fun team building experience, that many of the full time staff got to participate in.

Glass River Media took tremendous stress off the afternoon. There was normal business to attend to coinciding with the filming and they understood that completely. They have great artistic vision and can present ideas in an easily digestible manner. We are tremendously excited to continue gathering footage and focusing the script!




Summer Renovation: Hard Hat Zone!

Eventmediatech is no stranger to moving, building and when necessary, demolition! With hard work from the team, we managed to demo and remove over 7000lbs of interior construction materials just a few days. The renovation is being focused on organization and efficiency in partnership with our new Bar Code Scanning system. These new processes will allow us real-time inventory management and faster response time to inquiries.

Check out the Team in action!


Our new warehouse/office location is still located just 30 minutes south of DC in Woodbridge, Virginia. For those that visited us in our old location, you can find us just across the street! If you happened to  knock on the old door, you would be greeted by our friends at Glass River Media! We enjoy a fantastic working relationship and are proud to call them friends and neighbors! You can find their work at http://www.glassrivermedia.com/video

Updates to the finished warehouse & offices to follow in the coming weeks!


Technician Resource Center “TRC” Release and Utility

Event & Media Tech has been hard at work since the release of www.eventmediatech.com. It was paramount that technicians could benefit from the website as a portal to initiate work opportunities, reference terms and conditions and to even submit invoices for payment! This post is a snapshot of the possibilities available inside the Technician Resource Portal or TRC and we hope you find it as a useful tool in your belt! (Right next to the “C” Wrench, sharpie top and singular left-handed glove)

First, let’s navigate to the portal. Once you have arrived at www.eventmediatech.com, the TRC can be located at the bottom right hand corner of the website under the Resources column.  Just click the Technician Portal and it will take you into the TRC.

Once you have entered the TRC you can scroll down to view three options which we will quickly explore.

  • Employment Opportunities: A brief description of the qualities in candidates we look for and a place to submit your resume!
  • Technician Information: You can find a downloadable PDF of our terms and conditions which include everything from dress code to step by step instructions on how to use our scheduling software.
  • Technician Billing: Here you will find a downloadable blank W9 and a place to attach your invoice. Once you fill out and submit the title information and attach a PDF of your invoice, it will go directly into processing and is the quickest way to expedite payment!

This is just the beginning of the websites utilization and we have many plans for upgrades in the coming months. We are always looking for suggestions to improve service to you, the technician! Comment in the section below and let us know what improvements you would like to see!