Derrick Brown has worked with EventMediaTech from the beginning. Over the last half decade we have become family, supporting one another in both success and adversity.  Derrick is recognized by every property, with every client and by most everyone reading this article. EventMediaTech is honored to applaud and reward Derrick as our November selection in our Spotlight Series.

From the words of our National Staffing Director Benjamin Campbell III,

Derrick is your go-to-guy. He is reliable, hardworking and is the most appreciative man I know”.

Over the years he has put forth immeasurable effort. As a senior technician he has undeniably been in every trench, his back against every wall. Where most would quit, Derrick won’t and simply pushes harder to get the job done. Benjamin went on to say,

“The world needs more Derrick Browns, someone that can see the light in the worst of situations. He takes this practice with him to work everyday.”

Derrick has no doubt, rewarded us most of all with his loyalty. A gift we intend to reciprocate for years to come! Check out some insight from the man himself below!


D-Brown! Thank you for taking the time. For somebody new on the job site, can you name three tasks you would suggest they master first to benefit the team?

“The three major tasks I suggest a “newbie” should definitely master is 1. Safety 2. Coiling, and 3. Taping. In that order. And that will benefit the team tremendously!”


As a coordinator, what are some priorities you consider when flipping tight room turns?

“An as a coordinator, some of your priorities for flipping tight room turns are to move at a fast, but safe pace.  Strike old, and set new equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.”


Thanks Derrick!


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