“Jamil has been a critical part of our team since day one. He has stepped into both Crew Chief and Director positions on countless shows this year with nothing but rave reviews.  I have 100% confidence in Jamil. He is reliable, professional and an all-around all-star. It’s obvious to see that the client’s happiness is Jamil’s number one concern.”

Credence like this from Benjamin Campbell III (National Staffing Director) leaves no question.  Jamil embodies the work ethics we admire most and it’s time to thank him for it! EventMediaTech is proud to introduce our October Technician Spotlight, Jamil Decker.

Jamil Decker

Great shows start with organized shops!

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of Technical Staffing is to match both the right ability and personality to the situation. Jamil makes this process easy. Throughout his tenure he has faced tough situations, sharp deadlines and demanding clients. His graceful navigation of inevitable tricky situations leaves us and more importantly clients at ease.

“Its all ins and outs…dont over think it.”

Enough talk from us, lets hear from the man himself! To discover and share some of Jamil’s thoughts on the industry, check out his insight below!

Jamil, can you name a show in recent memory that sticks out in your mind as a professional accomplishment? What was challenging about it and how did you overcome those obstacles?

“The most challenging show I can remember was a big ballroom event at the Marriot Marquis. It was my first time in the roll of technical director, and I was a little apprehensive. I had run crews before, but usually it was my show and with guys I knew. On this show I was the only EMT representative and I was working with PSAV’s show team, which is a group of their finest technicians. Things were rough at first as I had to gain the respect of the crew while at the same time understanding the scope of the show and managing the clients expectations. At the end of the day I just trusted my experience and learned on my philosophy of leading from the front, showing everyone I wasnt afraid of getting my hands dirty and that my goal was a good show and not puffing out my chest. It turned out to be a great crew who gave me great ideas along the way and executed the show without hiccup. This greatly built my confidence in my abilities.”

Operating within the nation’s capital is a stressful endeavor.  How do you mentally digest the high pressure situations and what would you suggest for show day nerves?

“In terms of handling show day nerves I just trust my gut, and know that I’m the expert and do this every day. Clients freak out because for them this is the event they’ve been planning for months, but for us it’s just another day. Everyone uses the same mics whether it’s the President or some accountant, so I try to just stay cool.”

Can you distinguish one technician that mentored you in some way and one technician you took time with to develop their skills?

“In terms of mentorship I owe everything I know to my first boss in AV, Steve Smith. He never hesitated to put us in situations over our heads and trusted us to figure it out. I take the same approach when I see someone green. I say what Steve said to me…”Its all ins and outs…dont over think it.” Its hard for me to really mentor now because I’m so busy working myself, but I try and answer any questions and give advice when I can. ”

Thanks Jamil!

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