Just last month, we featured our very first South Eastern Division technician. What followed was yet another stellar month of positive reviews! It appears the talent of the region is too great to stop at just one spotlight. Following a unanimous decision, it is our pleasure to spotlight Clayton Gaudette for his fantastic service to Event & Media Technologies!


Why Clayton?

Simply put, his name has become synonymous with successful shows in the region and properties are taking notice! Directors, Project Managers and his colleagues have provided plenty of reasons to spotlight Clayton, but perhaps our favorite quality is his confidence as a leader and client liaison.  His on-site feedback to us has become extremely valuable and has helped acclimate our team to a new region successfully.

His rare and comprehensive technical skillset as an A1, L1 and V1 gives him great insight into the entirety of a production. We are confident a Technical Director is on the rise!  South Eastern Division Staffing Manager, Dustin James had this to say about Clayton,“Gaudette always brings his A-game. He’s very attentive to the client’s needs and he does everything in his power to have a successful show.”


Lets get to know Clayton a bit better and congratulate him on the great job!


-Clayton, you graduated from Full Sail University (same here!). Can you tell us about some positive experiences during your degree that may have contributed to your success?  Especially in an industry where some say it’s unnecessary?

“I received my Bachelors in Show Production. FullSail was a great experience. Prior to my first class, I approached the Director of the program and was selected to intern at Full Sail Live (concert venue on site). Within a few months they offered me a paid position so it felt great to apply what I was learning in school towards paying for living expenses. During this opportunity, I got to work with great companies like the WWE and expand my knowledge of operating a jib.”


-If you had access to comprehensive training on any piece of AV equipment, what would it be and why?

 “When time allows, connecting with other leads on site makes learning new equipment accessible and fun. I use that method to get my hands on as much diverse equipment as possible. Ultimately I would look training on high end switching systems such as the Ascender 48.”

– Would you share with us any hobbies or passions you may have outside of the industry?

“Definitely an outdoorsman. If its got wheels, motors, propellers or gas tanks its for me. Camping, fishing and hiking are also interests of mine.”


Congratulations again Clayton!


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Clayton Gaudette