It’s time again readers! Let’s recognize and spotlight a fantastic technician and friend: Travis Morton for his contributions to Event & Media Technologies. Some “spotlights” we concentrate on personability and attitude. Others on technical skill. Still others from a particularly positive comment or review from a client. This month we are lucky enough to talk about all the above!

Travis has advanced through many of the positions on our roster and is entrusted to our most particular clients. He demonstrates the ability to adapt to last minute changes and handles strenuous situations with grace. His reputation for a positive and proactive attitude is exactly what we have come to enjoy most about him and it’s undeniably infectious to any crew.

Benjamin Campbell, our National Staffing Manager had this to say about him: Travis has transformed into a crucial piece of our team. His attention to detail, positive attitude and willingness to learn has set him apart. This package has evolved into him being requested on every show! Travis is the tech you want on every crew”

 Show run or last minute emergency. A1 or GAV (when asked nicely).  Travis is your man and ours! I was able to catch up with Travis and gather some of his thoughts below.

Mr. Morton, thanks for taking the time! Throughout your many roles in the event industry, which one has been your favorite, why, and what role might you hope to fill someday?

“Boom operator for the film Johnny Z, hands down has been my favorite roll so far. Working on a film set is way more challenging then I could of imagined but such a team effort. I would like to see myself in more project management and of course more film sets.”

As a lead audio engineer and crew chief, what expectations do you have for technicians under your supervision? How could you help someone be better prepared?

“Having a good attitude is most important. My worse days are always days I come in with a negative attitude. Also, SNACKS…keep snacks in your backpack.”

If you could have one super power that relates to the Audio Visual field, what would your power be and why?

“Telekinesis! The ability to move heavy objects with my mind would be super helpful.”