The EventMediaTech team is excited to commemorate a consummate professional and friend, Miroslav Danchev as our June Technician Spotlight!

*Fader town!*

It is difficult to narrow down exactly what makes him such a unique talent. You could begin with his tranquil temperament and friendly personality.  To know him is to like him. Following that, his sheer experience in the industry places him in a select category. His resume speaks for itself and no venue is too large or artist too distinguished.

*Miroslav hanging with 7 time grammy winner, Paul Winter*

Perhaps what stands out the most about Miroslav, is that his skills and outstanding work ethic have taken him all over the world. It verifies something remarkable. That talent can cross borders, languages (and different electrical currents) to get the job done.  In his still relatively short tenure with EventMediaTech, he has garnered the respect and appreciation of his colleagues and our clients. Thank you for the all hard work Miro!

We had a chance to capture some of his thoughts on the industry below.

Miroslav, would you mind giving us an opening statement about the industry and how in multiple countries across the world, you have been successful?

“One of the reasons why I wanted to work as an audio engineer was my love for physics while I was in school, since sound and physics are greatly connected.  After a few years of working as an audio engineer, I became more recognized and had a chance to work for the biggest production and rental company in Bulgaria. While with this company, I worked for many internationally known artists who were performing in the country, which enriched my work experience. Even then I always made sure to keep my knowledge up to date, reading about new audio equipment and technologies, and also still learning from anyone I worked with. I have worked in the US and in Bulgaria, but my work for Bulgarian artists has also taken me on short tours to Canada, Russia, the Ukraine, Cyprus, Hungary and a few other countries.”

Can you share with us a quick industry experience? How did you overcome a challenge and how can we help another do the same?

“I think that the best thing to do when faced with a challenge is to keep working hard and never underestimate any job. For me, starting to work in America was difficult at first, but the work experience and knowledge that I had allowed me to persevere past the language barrier and do my best. A company can help its staff grow by providing learning opportunities, sending periodic updates on industry trends, and encouraging its staff to experiment with sound engineering techniques.”

Favorite place to vacation?

“My favorite place to vacation is Varna, a city on the coast of Bulgaria with wonderful beaches.”

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**We have UPPED THE ANTE! Each technician that is selected for our Spotlight Series will be awarded a $100 bonus!!**