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EventMediaTech State of the Union Address

It has been an extraordinary start to 2018 and it’s about time we brought our loyal listeners up-to-speed! We have undertaken huge projects to fortify our strength at home and expand our borders abroad to offer industry leading service to more customers. Let’s take a look at how we plan to continue the campaign!

“The ballroom is ahead on the left”

Projects at home

  • One thing that had to improve was a peaceful place for Accounting to call their own! This project is going to help the atmosphere and efficiency of the department.

“Work in progress, thanks Tim!”

  • Over the last 6 months we have been preparing the DC Production office to accept clients and guests in a comfortable and modern space. This is the fantastic result!

“Cool blue!”

  • Videos! We are extremely excited to showcase some of our industry leading technicians, in-house team members and projects in short promotional videos available below!

Technical Staffing Video

Event Services Video


Projects abroad

  • Upper management has been busy traveling to new markets, discussing strategies with top clients to strengthen our relationships and discuss plans for the future!

“The boys in Chicago”



  • The grand opening of our Florida Staffing branch! We were very lucky to secure a central and physical location in Orlando, FL. Able and ready to serve the entirety of the state!

“Not a bad view of downtown Orlando!”


  • Finally, just enjoying a new city! We had a chance to make some friends and visit an Orlando Magic game.

“Nose bleeds we know”


Thanks for catching up on the developments at Event & Media Technologies. We are always looking for your feedback and any comments to help improve the experience of our services! Get in touch with a branch today at Contact us.


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